Brighter Green

Brighter Green, a New York-based public policy action tank working at the intersection of environmental and animal protection issues, would welcome input on two documents of principles we’re working to develop. Each is informed by the consequences of the COVID pandemic for the human and non-human worlds. More details below. 

Comments, questions, new ideas, and edits can be added to the Google documents (links below) and/or submitted to us at:  

Please let us know if you’d like to be kept informed about how these texts are expanded and refined. We’d also welcome your thoughts on how and where they could be used most effectively to accelerated needed changes in policies, systems, and practices. Thank you. 

RESTORE: A Just Transition (Link to Google document)

This text has been drafted as a discussion document on the future of food and agricultural systems in the context of a just transition to a new model that values the non-human world, equity, rights, climate, environmental, and social justice, and presupposes coalitions across interests and disciplines. We welcome comments and ideas for additional principles and actions — or other concepts of “RESTORE” as an acronym as we work to refine the vision.

Nexus and Connection (Link to Google document)

In the wake of COVID-19, the realities of its origins, the risks and consequences of new pandemics, and the multiple threats to biodiversity and non-human animals, Brighter Green is seeking to create a manifesto or statement of principles and policy asks. This an initial document detailing causes of the current situation and ideas for a forward-looking agenda. We welcome input and comments

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